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Hogar Hermelinda Home For Young Women Project

Lets Make This House a Home!!!

Tedy Arevalo Rojas was named as the Director of the Hogar Hermelinda. On January 26, Dr. Arevalo Rojas signed the lease to rent the house that we will use for the Hogar Hermelinda! We are very excited. On February 1st, we will take possession of the house and we hope to be able to make it Hogar Hermelinda. It needs a refrigerator, stove and clothes washer and furniture - basically everything. We are very thankful for the generous assistance provided by many to get us to this point. Donations are always welcome.

Dr. Tedy Arévalo Rojas has extensive experience in education and administration. He began his career as the principal of a rural school in Sauce and then moved to become the assistant principal of the “Virgen Doloroso” Primary School in Tarapoto. In 1995, Dr. Avévalo became the principal of the Jose Antonio Ramirez Arevalo school. He was invited by the Regional Government of San Martin to be the Director of the Aldea Infantil Virgen del Pilar for 2 terms or 10 years. In 2015 Dr Arévalo returned to be the principal of the Jose Antonio Ramirez Arevalo school. He holds a bachelor's degree in Education from the Normal College of Tarapoto, Peru. He also holds a masters degree in Educational Administration and a Doctorate in Education. We are extremely pleased that he has joined our team in Tarapoto.  

We are lucky that along with Dr. Arévalo’s skills we can count on the collaboration of his talented wife, Dr. Liliana Carranza Trigozo. She started her career in education as a principal in the Las Palmas District. From 1990 -2009, Dr. Trigozo taught in a primary classroom in the “Virgen Doloroso” Primary School and in 2010 Dr. Trigozo became the assistant principal in the same school. She worked tirelessly with her husband while he was the director of the Aldea Infantil Virgen del Pilar to support the children and staff with dedication and love. She holds a bachelor's degree in Education from the Normal College of Tarapoto, Peru. She also holds a master’s degree in Educational Administration and a Doctorate in Education. We are extremely pleased that she has joined our team in Tarapoto.  

The Peruvian Outreach Project has assembled a staff of dedicated professionals with many years of experience prepared to begin our new adventure - the Hogar Hermelinda Home for Young Women. We 

will, of course, continue our projects at the Aldea Infantil Virgen del Pilar.

What is the Hogar Hermelinda?

Hogar Hermelinda will offer housing and support to six young women from the surrounding rural areas of San Martin. Participants will have specific post-secondary educational goals and be at least 18 years of age. 

The need for this project became evident as we watched young women age out of the Aldea orphanage where the Peruvian Outreach Project has been active for several years. There is a high level of poverty---especially in the small, rural villages. Young women who want to continue studies after secondary school, but have no support system, are critically disadvantaged. Many become young parents who then struggle to support their own children. Without access to job and educational opportunities, the cycle of poverty continues. 

Hogar Hermelinda has a planned opening in May 2022.

Please support this life-changing mission with your donation.

Thank you! ~ Peruvian Outreach Project


The Aldea Orphanage Project 

Aldea Infantil Virgen del Pilar orphanage, San Martin, Peru

Aldea has six main houses; each house has a Mother who lives with, and cares for the children. Children attend the on-site school during the week, however, due to the  COVID-19 pandemic, all school instruction in Peru is currently delivered via television. The Peruvian Outreach Project established a well-stocked medical clinic at Aldea with needed supplies for sick children and staff. POP also provided first-aid kits to each of the dwellings. POP regularly replenishes clinic supplies.

Aldea's bakery was reopened by POP and now provides fresh baked goods throughout the week. POP continues to work to increase delivery of fresh produce to the orphanage. Recently, POP helped to re-tile the floor of the outdoor pavilion which had become a tripping hazard.

The Aldea community enjoyed the 2nd annual Christmas party in the newly tiled pavilion with food, beverages, and gifts for the children provided through the Peruvian Outreach Project. 


In 2021 POP was able to maintain the vegetable and flower gardens, restock the COVID clinic, and provide transportation for food donations.  POP renovated and replaced old and broken playground equipment. 


In 2022 the Peruvian Outreach Project plans to assist in the establishment of a music workshop and a sewing workshop at the aldea.  This will give the children skills that will serve them in the future. 


Donor support makes this work possible.

Thank you for your interest!  ~ Peruvian Outreach Project