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Donations to POP are tax deductible

We are a recognized 501(c) (3) non profit corporation.


Checks to POP may be made out to: 

Peruvian Outreach Project, Inc.

P.O. Box #234

East Pembroke, NY 14056


Aldea Infantil Virgen del Pilar orphanage, San Martin, Peru

The Aldea Orphanage has six main houses; each house has a House Mother who lives with, and cares for, the children. Children attend the on-site school during the week. The Peruvian Outreach Project (POP) established a well-stocked medical clinic at Aldea with needed supplies for sick children and staff. POP also provided first-aid kits to each of the dwellings. POP regularly replenishes clinic supplies.

Aldea's bakery was reopened by POP and now provides fresh baked goods throughout the week and pizza monthly for the children. POP painted, and repaired broken equipment. POP also purchased a smaller refrigerator and oven for the bakery.

POP helped to re-tile the floor of the outdoor pavilion, which had become a tripping hazard. The Aldea community enjoyed the 2nd annual Christmas party in the newly tiled pavilion with food, beverages, and gifts for the children provided through the POP.


Productive vegetable gardens and a flower garden were planted by POP for the Aldea community. In 2021, POP was able to maintain the vegetable and flower gardens, restock the COVID clinic, and provide transportation for food donations. POP renovated and replaced old and broken playground equipment. 


In 2022 the Peruvian Outreach Project established a sewing workshop at the aldea.  This workshop is providing the children with skills that will serve them in the future. In addition, new sheets were purchased for the children's beds and towel fabric for new towels was purchased for the sewing workshop.


Donor support makes this work possible. Work continues, and your support is appreciated and welcome! Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the Peruvian Outreach Project is able to hold a Christmas Celebration for the children at the Aldea Infantil Virgen del Pilar and continue to develop new projects. Thank you!

Thank you for your interest! ~ Peruvian Outreach Project

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Thank you Ten Thousand Villages & POP Shoppers!

This fair trade business has donated a portion of sales generated since 2020 towards supporting the Aldea Orphanage.

Thank you!

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